Adina-Liliana Prioteasa
Vasile-Emil Ștefan
Carmen Nadia Ciocoiu

The Bucharest University of Economic Studies, Bucharest, Romania

2nd International Scientific Conference on Recent Advances in Information Technology, Tourism, Economics, Management and Agriculture – ITEMA 2018 – Graz, Austria, November 8, 2018, CONFERENCE PROCEEDINGS published by the Association of Economists and Managers of the Balkans, Belgrade, Serbia; ISBN 978-86-80194-13-4


The inherent complexity and risk profile of business operations and of financial and capital markets in which they operate increase the importance of effective risk management practices and the modalities of their implementation and application. In view of this, it is essential to know the aspects of the implementation of risk management, which is why a review of the literature has been carried out.

After defining the search criteria, the search was performed on the Web of Science Core Collection database, where 4 articles were obtained. To consolidate research, it was considered appropriate to perform a search on Google Search to identify the studies carried out by practitioners. 9 studies were obtained, forming a final 13-articles database.

The main objective of this work is to provide an overview of the existing literature on implementation of risk management within organizations, identifying key issues raised by authors and suggesting possible research pathways in this area.

Key words

enterprise risk management, implementation, good practice, review


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