Duygu Tosun
Nevin Demirbaş

Ege University, Faculty of Agriculture, Department of Agricultural Economics, Izmir, Turkey

2nd International Scientific Conference on Recent Advances in Information Technology, Tourism, Economics, Management and Agriculture – ITEMA 2018 – Graz, Austria, November 8, 2018, CONFERENCE PROCEEDINGS published by the Association of Economists and Managers of the Balkans, Belgrade, Serbia; ISBN 978-86-80194-13-4


Beef is the main red meat source in Turkey. However, beef production and consumption has not reached to the desired level. To provide the increase of red meat supply and to ensure sustainability in production, it is crucial to determine the factors affecting production decision in Turkey. Along with measures to be taken in this respect, consumers’ access to the food needed and manufacturers’ access to sufficient raw materials at affordable price is critical. Main purpose of this study is to determine the factors affecting production decision of the farmers via the data obtained from the farms. This study was carried out in Izmir and Afyonkarahisar, which are the most important provinces in red meat production in Aegean Region. In the study, face-to-face surveys were carried out with 206 owners of the beef cattle farms in Izmir and Afyonkarahisar provinces. Factor Analysis was applied for determination of underlying factors taken into consideration by the farmers to make a decision about production and Cluster Analysis helped to obtain a general profile of the farmers. Factor analysis identified nine dimensions that affect farmers’ decision on production. Subsequent cluster analysis isolated three different farmer segments: marketing, infrastructure and technical knowledge and subsidy policies oriented.

Key words

Beef cattle farming, red meat, production decision, Turkey


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