Maria Kicheva – South-West University „Neofit Rilski“, Faculty of Economics, Department of Economics, 66 Ivan Mihaylov
Str., Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria
Nadezhda Petkova – South-West University „Neofit Rilski“, Faculty of Economics, Department of Economics, 66 Ivan Mihaylov
Str., Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria




3rd International Scientific Conference on Recent Advances in Information Technology, Tourism, Economics, Management and Agriculture – ITEMA 2019 – Bratislava, Slovakia, October 24, 2019, CONFERENCE PROCEEDINGS published by the Association of Economists and Managers of the Balkans, Belgrade; Printed by: SKRIPTA International, Belgrade, ISBN 978-86-80194-23-3, ISSN 2683-5991, DOI:




Globalization is the reason for significant changes in all spheres of life. Its effects on the
world economy have been observed for a long time. The impact of globalization is an important economic
matter and its research is as important.
The aim of this research is to track the trends in the development of the digital economy in Bulgaria
and the corresponding occurring change which follow it. Bulgaria established itself as one of the key
centers for innovative development in 2018 and one of the reasons for that is precisely the globalization
in the sphere of economy and information and communications technologies. The country’s digital
economy forestalls the trends and grows 2.5 times faster than the economies of the big five on the European
Union’s market. The transformation of the Bulgarian economy would increase its competitiveness
and would place it at a leading position in the region. Due to these and many other reasons it is important
for these matters to be analyzed from a scientific point of view.
This paper contributes for the clearer formulation and understanding of the matters related to globalization
as a whole, but also for tracking its impact on the state of digital companies in Bulgaria. Similar
research can be applied and further developed for each and every European country and more.



Globalization, Digital Economy, Bulgaria, Innovation.


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